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ActaVet 1kg - Introductory Price

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ActaVet facilitates the uptake of nutrients, enabling animals that aren't thrifty to gain weight and improve condition.

Re-balancing the acid/alkaline of the digestive system, ActaVet is made from carbon, steamed to eliminate impurities and increase efficacy. It has been scientifically shown to adsorb toxins and re-balances the pH of the gut. It is not a medicine, it is a passive supplement that assists in absorption of vitamins and minerals and thereby increases condition of your animal. As it is passive, there are no side effects. Not only is it economical, it actually saves you money as the vitamins and minerals in the feed are actually used.

ActaVet can be used for horses, cattle, goats, camelids, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chickens and pet birds.

This is not a substitute for medicinal products or a replacement for veterinary attention.

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