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For FREE resources, including checklists, click on "Buying Your Horse or Pony" course below and choose the free preview option. 


If you would just like the free "Part II - Before you leave home" checklist, click here.

Buying your horse or pony

Is owning a horse your dream? Let me help you fulfill this dream by guiding you through the purchase of your horse or pony. Whether you are awakening your dream or returning to the saddle; this information will help you become a horse owner - with the RIGHT horse.


Owning a horse or pony

Be the best owner you can be for your horse. Learn how to care for your equine companion including grooming, feeding, pasture care, first aid, rider fitness, what to buy, what to wear and how to feel confident with other horse owners.

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Special!! - Anyone who purchases the entire course ($39) and goes on to purchase "Owning A Horse or Pony" will have the $39 deducted from the purchase price.

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