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​What is ActaVet?

ActaVet facilitates the uptake of nutrients, enabling animals that aren't thrifty to gain weight and improve condition.  

Re-balancing the acid/alkaline of the digestive system, ActaVet is made from carbon, steamed to eliminate impurities and increase efficacy. It has been scientifically shown to adsorb toxins and re-balance the pH of the gut. It is not a medicine, it is a passive supplement that assists in absorption of vitamins and minerals and thereby increases condition of your animal.  As it is passive, there are no side effects. 


Not only is it economical, it saves you money as the vitamins and minerals in the feed are actually used.

ActaVet can be used for horses, cattle, goats, camelids, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chickens and pet birds.

It is not a substitute for medicinal products or a replacement for veterinary attention.

Improve your animal's health
Pet activated charcoa
Dogs, Cats and Small animals

Vets around the world often activated charcoal powder to eliminate animal odours, including bad breath and flatulence.


 Activated Charcoal Powder does even more!

  • Activated charcoal lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) by up to 41%

  • Increases the HDL (good cholesterol)

  • Helps prevent heart disease in dogs

It is not recommended using activated charcoal as a home remedy for accidental poisoning, because poisoning is serious enough, that your pet needs to see a veterinarian.

However, activated charcoal is effective for other less serious conditions and it can be used at home for those.


Cat of the month


Meet Moonlight the gassy cat. Moonlight loves sleeping on Charlotte, her owner's bed, but Charlotte was kept awake by incessant smelly wind. After two days on ActaVet, both Charlotte and Moonlight are sleeping soundly - gas free.​

Dog of the month


​This is Digby - Digby loves eating horse manure. Digby wasnt allowed in the house because he was a bit whiffy. Digby now has a teaspoon of ActaVet daily in his feed. He still eats horse manure though...


Mildura Show - 17 and 17th October 10am to 2pm​
We will be visiting Mildura Show on the Wednesday and Thursday.


Mildura Pony Club

Dates to be confirmed.

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